Remote Hands Services

 Telepath offers H&E or Remote Hands support for all hardware platforms. Our highly trained bilingual technicians work night and day to provide the highest possible level of service.

  • Hardware Replacement and troubleshooting, HDs, RAM, Optics, modules.
  • Connectivity troubleshooting, light level readings, optic cleaning
  • Network Infrastructure Installation or Expansion
  • Installing/Deconstructing servers and telecom equipment, racking & cabling
  • Logistics
  • DWDM installations and support
  • Data Redundancy Maintenance, Tape Rotations
  • 24/7/4hr SLA available (within the service area)

Advanced Remote Hands

 Our Technicians are ready to go to the next level of H&E services.

  • OS recovery via imaging solutions proprietary or otherwise
  • OS installation from scratch
  • OS patching and troubleshooting
  • Driver updates and troubleshooting
  • RAID array reconstruction
  • Advanced Storage Systems NAS, SAN, NetApp
  • Switch Configuration and Management (trunking, stacking)
  • Router Configuration and Management

Our highly experienced and technically proficient team have the flexibility and expertise to provide personalized services for your mission critical projects and follow custom procedures that datacenter H&E departments cannot provide.

Languages Supported